The Agreement Reached In 2002 Which Focused On Environmental Sustainability Is Known As The

Apr 13, 2021
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He noted that developments in Jordan were promising in terms of environmental sustainability. New initiatives to protect biodiversity have helped reduce poverty in rural communities and encourage public support for the protection of nature. The implementation of the path of strengthening the role of women has also been successful. Sex has become a key element in public health and education. Compulsory schooling for girls up to Grade 10, in conjunction with child laws, had contributed to the schooling and end of women who had surpassed those of men. Women have played a greater role in all sectors of society. He highlighted Uruguay`s sustainable development efforts, while strengthening efforts to protect the environment and preserve natural resources. He said that the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Foreign Affairs were among the various government agencies that focused on environmental issues. Uruguay has also passed a law on environmental impact authorities, environmental impact authorities and environmental impact assessment authorities. Overall, the government has sought to meet all of its obligations by enacting appropriate legislation.

The country concentrated its efforts through the South-South Common Market Framework Agreement (MERCOSUR), which aimed to ensure sustainable development on regional economic and environmental development issues. Michel MOUSSA, Lebanon`s environment minister, said after 15 years of civil war that his country had implemented a comprehensive recovery plan for the various local economic sectors to increase the country`s competitiveness. In 1993, Lebanon created the Ministry of the Environment by recognizing the links between environmental protection and sustainable development. This decision was made because the country recognized the value of environmental resources and the adverse effects of their depletion. It recently proclaimed an environmental code that established a legal framework based on the belief that the right to a healthy environment was part of human rights. David ODDSSON, Prime Minister of Iceland, said environmental issues were now at the centre of political debates at local, national and international levels. Guided by the principles of sustainable development, many nations have made significant progress. New solutions and practices had been developed to achieve the agreed objectives and to define new ones. Environmental protection has not been an obstacle to economic progress. On the contrary, it was recognized that it was a prerequisite for long-term sustainable growth. Mr. OLUSEGUN OBASANJO, President of Nigeria, said that Rio`s hopes had not been realized, which is most clearly felt in Africa.

The Summit implementation plan was an aggregation of commitments made under Action 21, the Millennium Declaration, the Doha Agreement and Monterrey. He hoped that these commitments would put countries on the right path to sustainable development. However, as long as debt remains a burden, sustainable development would be affected. The first step in eradicating poverty has been food security. Factors that threaten agriculture, such as drought and desertification, need to be addressed. He called for debt cancellation, which undermined the sustainable development efforts of developing countries.

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