Schedule Agreement Lpa

Dec 16, 2020
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If you use the delivery plan with the sharing documentation, the delivery lines will not be sent directly to the creditor. Intially will be the lines of the delivery plan that are stored in the system for an LPA delivery plan only for internal information. A message informing the supplier of your hardware requirements can only be sent to the creditor when you explicitly create an SA version, i.e. the Just-in-Time Delivery Schedule (JIT). Through this process, you can change the way classifications are represented. With exit documentation, you can disable versions of SA (delivery schedules) that are transmitted to a creditor for a certain period of time at any time. This way, you can track exactly when you sent what information to the creditor. We can establish a delivery plan with or without reference to an order request or framework contract, a quote request or even another delivery plan. To get the series` 55000 rating, change the ranking date to today`s date. The MIGO allows you to do so. I hope it helps.

For delivery plans with sharing documents, you can view the final delivery planning information sent to the creditor. These are transferred to a creditor when stored in your system. You need to set up the message control system to send the message immediately after the delivery plan is created or changed. You will see the head data of both versions and a comparison of classifications in all cases with the quantities, their differences and the cumulative numbers for the difference. To view the classifications of an SA version, position the cursor on the desired line and select the environment ® display document. Choose the structure agreement ® list displays ® by leor. Use the ALLES list variant and the LPA document type. Please send me details of the LP and LPA calendar agreements with screenshots to my email address You will receive a summary list of JIT and forward-looking delivery plans. It can be used to inform your supplier of your short-term needs. This calendar indicates the requirements per day or even per hour. A delivery plan is a longer agreement with a supplier that covers the supply of materials under pre-defined conditions. The conditions apply to a pre-defined period and a pre-defined order quantity.

The classifications are immediately official, that is, they are immediately transmitted to the seller at the time you save them (transfer time spot 4 for messages). In this case, there is no exit documentation. The total quantity to be delivered can be subdivided into partial quantities with the delivery date of each item. Delivery planning stations can be generated with or unrelated to the order requirement or by layout. In this case, the calendar lines are recorded in the internal information system, i.e. the message is not automatically transmitted to the creditor unless you establish the release of the delivery agreement (forecast or JIT delivery plan).

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