Virginia Medicaid Provider Agreement

Dec 20, 2020
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D. DMAS or its contractor are responsible for ensuring that supplier participation standards continue to be met. DMAS or its contractor conducts ongoing monitoring of compliance with supplier participation standards and DMAS policies and regularly certifies each provider for the extension of the participation agreement to provide home and community waiver services. Failure by a supplier to comply with DMAS guidelines and procedures, as provided for in the supplier`s participation agreement, may result in a written request from DMAS for a corrective action plan outlining the supplier`s steps and the length of time it takes to comply with the plan to remedy the alleged deficiencies. Non-compliance may lead to the termination of the supplier`s registration contract as well as other sanctions. B. The record retention guidelines also apply when the supplier stops operating. If necessary, DMAS is informed in writing of the place of storage and procedures for obtaining records for verification. The location, agent or agent must be located in the Commonwealth of Virginia. 11. Agree to provide information on request and in the form requested to DMAS, DBHDS, the Virginia Attorney General or its authorized representatives, federal staff and the Staatlichen Fraud Control Unit.

The Commonwealth`s right to access supplier agencies and registrations is vested in any termination of the supplier contract. Following the initiation of a review, no business or professional records can be established or changed by suppliers; Has. Applications for participation are reviewed by DMAS to determine whether the bidder meets the requirements to participate. Applications for participation must be accompanied by a review of the current license of the facility by dSS. 14. Registered suppliers must notify DMAS in writing at least 15 days prior to the change of ownership or administration; 16. In accordance with sections 63.2-1509 and 63.2-1606 of the Virginia Code, report immediately if a participating supplier knows or suspects that a person registered in a home or community waiver service is being abused, neglected or exploited. The party who is aware or suspected of abuse, neglect or exploitation informs, if necessary, adult or child protection services staff in the local adult or child protection service and, where appropriate, DBHDS licensing and human rights offices; 14. Inform DMAS of a change of ownership. If the ownership of the supplier changes, DMAS is notified at least 15 calendar days before the date of the change; 3.

A participating supplier may voluntarily terminate its participation in DMAS with a written notification of 30 days. Mr. Felony`s convictions. DMAS becomes the supplier`s Medicaid contract in accordance with the article. 32.1-325 of the Virginia Code, as required for a financial participation of the Confederacy, terminate immediately. A claimant who has been convicted of a crime or who has pleaded guilty to a criminal offence in Virginia or any of the 50 states, the District of Columbia or the United Nations Territories, divides DMAS within 30 days of that conviction and renounces his supplier agreement. These supplier contracts are immediately effective and correspond to 12VAC30-10-690 and 12VAC30-20-491.

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