Actps Education And Training Directorate (Teaching Staff) Enterprise Agreement

Apr 8, 2021
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the competent authority of the state or state responsible for training is the body in the state or territory concerned, which exercises authorisation powers in relation to internships and registers training contracts in accordance with the relevant legislation relating to vocational education and training of the State or territory (c) any agreement between a director general and a majority of workers must be recorded in writing. (a) that the worker be admitted to a group of management or agency workers, which includes a larger number of workers than is necessary for the efficient and economical operation of management or agency; or 4.5 The Director General must provide a copy of the agreement to each worker and keep the agreement in the form of a time book and salary. The training program refers to the competency standards and related evaluation guidelines for an AQF qualification at the AQR certification level, approved by the National Quality Council for a branch or business and placed under the authority of the National Vocational Training Information Service with the agreement of the Commonwealth, State and Territory Ministers, and includes all alternative measures (b) and , unless agreed by mutual agreement between the employer and the workers concerned, duration (150%) For all work done during meals and then until a meal break, prices are paid. (a) In order to help resolve disputes within a branch or agency, a workers` representative is placed on leave in accordance with item 27.5 to participate in short courses taught by a recognized training organization specifically focused on effective dispute resolution; The granting of leave is subject to the operational requirements of management or agency. (vii) An apprentice may be absent without loss of salary or continuity of employment to take training outside the workplace in accordance with the training contract. (iii) Normal working hours under paragraphs 8.2 (b) (i) and 8.2 b) (b) may be used over a maximum period of 28 calendar days or the worker`s working cycle (the longest time), depending on management or agency requirements. b) the worker`s services cannot be used effectively because the working methods of management or agency have changed from a technical or other point of view or because the tasks of management or agency have been changed: or D.4.1, a full-time internship on the basis of 38 normal hours per week , with 20% of normal working hours recognized as accredited training; and (ii) the instruments are regularly made available for inspection by an Agency branch or representative; during the learning period, in good condition and in good condition, and unless agreed otherwise by the Director General and the majority of employees of a management or agency, workers are paid for a period of fourteen days. 4.6 Except under paragraph 4.4 (a), the agreement must not require the agreement or agreement of anyone other than the Director General and the individual worker. “Either the OTR, the employer and the apprentice agree that the above requirements are met, or the employer was informed in writing that the OTR found that the apprentice met the above requirements for all relevant units of competency and that the employer did not inform the OTR and the apprentice of the agreement of this assessment within 21 days of receiving the advice.

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